UPD: Bailiffs Seized Broadcast Equipment due to Unpaid Wages to Employees

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UPDATE: Flash radio went on air again after a three-hour silence when a pay check was given to employees.

Private radio station Flash FM was silenced on Monday noon when bailiffs seized broadcast equipment after eight unpaid employees filed official complains. Bailiffs entered the radio offices in the morning and once they recorded the equipment, proceeded to seizure of some of them.

Flash radio employees are on strike for one month due to unpaid salaries. Employees were broadcasting only so-called “Strike program” making their demands public.

Journalists, technicians and administrative personnel have not been paid for several months, while the personnel speaks of ‘arbitrary salary cuts from the side of the employer,” NEP Publishing owned by businessman Petro Kyriakides. He owns also Athens Daily News, the weekly and oldest English-speaking newspaper that has not gone on printing since a couple of weeks. Also there employees have been waiting for pay checques, outstanding salaries. They went on strike several times. 

Several private and municipaly-owned radio stations are on strike due to arbitrary wages cuts without previous arrangement or notice, with employees and free lancers being unpaid on several radio stations.

And it’s not only the economic crisis with a sharp drop in revenues though advertisiment that hit the Greek media outlets. it’s not only that banks have stopped giving loans. It’s also bad management and generously distributing money among few chosen ones.

Owner of Liberis Publications, a self-made publisher with a portofolio of several life-style magazines, admitted in a letter to his frustrated employees that he used to give salaries of 19,000 euro per month. Liberis Publication Group closed down beginning of the month.

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PS that’s the new labour regulations and morals in Greece: employers expect employees to work without money.