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Greek Gov’t Rejects Troika’s Latest Demand: Dismissal of 20,000 Civil Servants Until 2014

Just hours before the crucial Eurogroup meeting tomorrow Tuesday, Greece’s lenders – the notorious Troika -sent a fax to the government posing a new demand: the dismissal of 20,000-22,000 civil servants until 2014.

According to news portal, the government rejected the Troika demand, with finance ministry sources saying “we don’t even talk about it.”

The government has given consent to ‘labour reserve’ of 2,000 people until the end of 2012 and another 20,000 in 2013. However Samaras’ government rejects dismissals of those in labour reserve. The measure foresees that civil workers go home with only 75% of their salary for one year and then are relocated into understaffed departments of the public sector. But dismissal? Coalition government partners PASOK and Democratic Left vehemently oppose such option.

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  1. So, are they allowed to say NO to the troika? What happens now? I thought the Troika just does the talking and they do the listening?

  2. we did all we were asked to do. no mistake is accepted after the clinet left the cash register (or something like that, Greek shops warning lol)

  3. How about “All sales final” is that what you mean?

  4. hm no… it means more ‘one you finish the deal there are no extras’

  5. please, please, please introduce me to some civil servants that are good at their job!!! in the last 5 years, i have found 99% of them rude, arrogant and unhelpful! i was told only last week in the tax office in rhodes, if i want help, go away and learn to speak greek! i work here, pay taxes and thats the thanks i get. why should i have sympathy???/

  6. maybe they meant you have to speak Greek to understand what your taxes are for: για τους δανειστές!
    No, you shouldn’t have sumpathy. But you should understand through this post that when it’s about civil servants, the government is very quick and clear. When it comes to mortal Greeks, the government ‘negotiates’ and at the end it strips everyone of income and dignity.

  7. Well, KTG, that’s why the IMF and the guys from the Troika are trying to teach a new way of thinkin in Greece. Hiring more people doesn’t make it better. Hiring better (qualfied) candidates is the key. I have to agree with Paul but don’t think it’s 99%, just 50%… I remember on an island a few years ago, listening to this jackball rattling off in Greek about me and my American friend and how “We” were the kind of tourists he hated (I guess because of our casual sportswear as opposed to nicer clothes, and not thinking we could speak Greek or maybe didn’t care). I challenged him by saying, what do you care as long as I pay the ticket??? Instead of being embarassed and apologizing, he got more aggressive while his colleagues sat like little scared mice in the corner.

    In the end, I told him it was people like me who were paying his salary to come to these overpriced tourist attractions, but with his attitude, his day of honoring himself will shortly be coming to an end.

    Fast forward a few years later and this I see is true with the Troika helping to clean house of this type of dead weight.

  8. ” I told him it was people like me who were paying his salary”: you must be thankful escaping with no punch in the face.
    I was once almost denied residence permit in Germany for saying exactly sentence asking the civserv to be polite. at that time I was working and paying taxes there.
    However, when I see old people starving with minimum pensions and increased taxes and extras to buy medicine, I wonder what exactly the Troika means with ‘cleaning house’ – of people?

  9. giaoýrti giaoyrtáki

    Better pay no taxes and everybody is smiling.

  10. All the Troika is doing is looking after the interests of their clients, not Greek interest. Greece is haemorraging 1000 jobs a week thanks to Troika policies. These are not 1000 surplus to requirements civil servants.
    These are hard working people with nowhere to go, and nothing to take with them. Yes, if you use a cluster bomb on 1000 people because there is 1 terrorist amongst them, you will indeed get the terrorist. That then makes the headlines. What about the 999 others? You’re example of the rude idiot is exactly that. Not seeing the wood for the trees, and taring all with the same brush…

  11. behave!

  12. Never, but in the nicest possible way…

  13. its not “the nicest possible way” to call a regular commentator here ‘idiot’.

  14. I don’t think elephant was calling him idiot just referring to the idiot mention in smither story

  15. ???? You are reading that wrong.

    I remember on an island a few years ago, listening to this jackball rattling off in Greek …

    the jackball is the idiot, not the commentator.
    but still in the nicest possible way, of course 🙂

  16. OK, I apologize 🙂 Blame the retrograte Mercury… I had a very tough morning dealing with EOPYY. When adrenaline is high my astigmatism is on the peak and my brain gets short circuits.

  17. @ Kunta Kinte thanks for the back-up
    @ KTG, no problem, it happens. But I still won’t behave…

  18. What is the difficult thing here? You fire 1000 civil servants, and repeat the excercise until budget is balanced. Any private company CEO could do that. Why can’t Greek govt?

  19. Guys,wow what a sh*tstorm did I cause? No, I know Ephilant wasn’t referring to me. And we sometimes can agree to disagree right? Ephilant correct me if I’m wrong but you are Greek and don’t live in Greece right? So, forgive me if I politely say that you have two disadvantages of knowing what is going on in Greece.

    – One as an American (or foreigner), you get treated a certain way that as a Greek you won’t experience.

    – Second, many Greek-somethings like you who live elsewhere do have this glorious vision of Greece that sometimes doesn’t live up to the reality.

    Greece is great if you’re Greek, but at least Athens not so much if you are foreign. Many foreigners feel this way, and countless Greeks telling us that they get harassed abroad will make us feel any less uncomfortable when we are treated badly in Greece.

    It’s like saying “Hey you lost your leg in Greece, well I lost both legs in Spain, but we still are disabled right?”.

    So, not to offend but you can’t know what it’s like to be a Xenos in Greece.

    Now, back to our regularly scheduled discussion.

  20. because greek gov has no CEO but (mostly) elected politicians who own to their voters. that’s why.

  21. LOL!LOL!LOL!
    morning sh**storm is over, afternoon one is about to break over your head.But I let Ephilant answer to you.
    Nevertheless the situation is equally difficult here for Greeks who lived abroad for many years (like me), and for Greeks who get harassed by foreigners* visiting this blog (like me again lol) *I don’t mean you but other who made even racist comments against Greeks, or sent me insulting e-mails.
    Xenos in Greece and Xenos in the world, a Xenos is always a Xenos even in his own country.

  22. @ KTG BEHAVE!
    @SmithersW Greek-something eh? I suppose I’ve been called worse. If I didn’t always have the nicest possible way in mind, I could even be insulted. Not over the Greek bit, but a SOMETHING??? Let me pick myself up first and dust me down…
    Thanks for the laugh, really needed that. What I am according to the club card they handed out when I was born is of no consequence. I have a different nationality from my father and mother, who both have different nationalities from each other. I don’t carry a Greek clubcard, no, but do live here. My partner has a different nationality from me. My rather large tribe of children have 6 different nationalities (all different from both me and my partner, and their grandparents), my grandchildren add 2 more to that, 2 of my great grand children have yet another club card. Are you still with me on that one? Just goes to show what a charade the whole nationality/ethnic thing is. Oh yes, and we all have varying shades of skin colours as well, and hair to. Mine is now light-black 🙂
    I have lived on 4 of 5 continents, lived and worked in all but 3 or 4 European countries, Middle East, America (North and South) and Africa, and I speak 6.5 languages fluently.
    I just wish people would get over this narrow minded, idiotic notion of any importance of nationality or ethnicity. You get treated as an American, Brit, German, whatever takes your fancy, because that’s how you portrait yourself and put yourself out. And you draw all the pre-conceptions on yourself because of that. Apart from the accent, I have yet to come across an American who does not feel to need to identify him/herself as American within the first 30 seconds of any conversation. What is the point?
    Show yourself as a human being, which is all and everything you are, and it doesn’t matter if you wear loud Hawaiian shirts and have a funny accent. People will accept you as a human being, and do so with relief, because you show them they too can drop the mask. It really is as simple as that. If there ever was a new of thinking that needs taught, all of the above is it. In copious qunatities.

    As for the actual topic of this post, all the Troika, including the IMF, are, is vicious debt collectors, working on behalf of about 1 % of the world population, and prepared to screw the other 99% to the walls for it. the are not teaching new ways of thinking, on the contrary. They will do everything to prevent new ways of thinking, because they know that in any new way of thinking there is no place for them…
    The wealth we, as a species have, is to precious to entrust to the rich, and condensing that wealth to financial values only is an insult to the species. Which is why the Troika and all they stand for is indeed an insult to humanity.

  23. do not shout at me and I am entitled to not-behave as the owner of this blog.

  24. True… sorry 🙂

  25. 22k worthless hacks? What? DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?….

  26. No, I don’t and frankly… :p

  27. Ephilant, when I said Greek-Something, I meant like “Greek-American” “Greek-Australian” etc. Not like Greek-somethingBad”.. But, my mistake as I thought you lived in Spain? I read this blog daily but sometimes maybe I mistake people for others. Isn’t there someone maybe AntonisX who is from Barcelona? I thought I read that once, maybe it was you? At any rate, my point is that when you are a Greek in Greek, or a New Yorker in New York, you do have some comfort level of belonging. But, living in Greece for almonst 40 years and each day I walk out my door (as an Amerian and a foreigner) it’s as if it’s my first day in Greece. Doesn’t really matter to anyone that I’ve lived here that long when they don’t know you I guess. They just see the “Xenos”. But, as I gave the advice to Susan Smith on this blog a few weeks ago, I try to gravitate to the nice people in Greece and avoid the Jackballs. Sometimes it’s hard to tell with the sour/frowny faces you see in public, but I do try..

    Being positive helps, but as I said, Expat groups do help because by venting with them, you can go back to your Greek friends and not vent…

  28. dear Xene, even if I go to live in a Greek village I will always be a Xeni after 40 years.

  29. KTG, on a side note, as you can see, AntonisX, Ephilant, and a few others, and myself are regular commentators as you noted. Maybe you can let us post without the moderation? I think we have proved we are not going to post any dirty words, or really mean things.

    Maybe an upgrade to a VIP version of KTG is in order for us?

  30. HA! so you can talk behind my back?
    it’s technically not possible to exclude only some from moderation. sorry.

  31. Me? From Barcelona???!!! You must mistake me for
    And KTG is absolutely right: Not only if KTG as a city-slicker would come to a village she would stay a xeni. Even if she would come from the next village she would be. The former mayor of our village is in that situation. 40 years ago he moved 1 km to the north, married a local girl and has told me that he still is always reminded of the fact that he is a ‘foreigner’.
    But it’s not always a bad thing to be a xenos/i. Every time you say something positive about Greece, Lakonia, or the village, people love you for it. And every time you say something negative they agree with you, because they don’t have to show their colours like they always seem to do to their countrymen, friends, neighbours and family. And when they know you really well they even tell you the stuff they would never ever tell anyone else. Because you are a xenos.
    But the biggest advantage is that most civil servants don’t dare to rip you off as much as they do their countrymen just because (All together now!!!) “You Are A XEEEEEEEEEnos!” (Should be a nice song in that somewhere) 😀

  32. *CENSORED*

  33. AHAHAHA! Brilliant description and analysis! and an excellent idea for an ad against xenophobia.
    and I have to add: But if you’re arrogant, they’ll bite your nose because you prove, you’re really a xenos.
    BTW in some countries they rip you off just because you’re xenos lol

  34. Antonis, you are wrong. In Glyfada they used to have two menus. One for the Amerikanikis (over priced) and one for Greeks. So, I always would say, “give me the Greek menu please”.

    Any Americans in Greece who can back me up please?

  35. What the REDACTED is this now. I REDACTED would like to be able to REDACTED speak freely around this Souflaki REDACTED joint but apparently the REDACTED blog owner is REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED. Greece is great, Greece is great, Greece is great, I love it I love it. REDACTED.

    Note to readers: We have edited SmithersW comments for your viewing pleasure. We will now return you to your regularly scheduled Greek news program with all the hundreds of little windows yelling at each other.

  36. KTG, truthfully, happens in Greece to. Go to the plaka sometime as a Xenos and you’ll see how they will try to get over on you. Not all of them, but has happened three times, but when I remarkably start speaking Greek, the tone changes and the correct prices are fixed.

  37. come on, rich American, what’s the big deal if you pay 5 more dollars (like a Greece’ entrance fee or something)

  38. we need some commercials breaks here…

  39. Same thing happened to me in Chania some years ago. Things have got better over here.

  40. LOL, as long as it’s with Tonia Sotiropoulou…. Yummy commercials.

  41. Not all Americans are rich. See that’s the other problem too. People assume that if you are American and complain that you are just a cheapskate, but sometimes we are just poor like you Greeks. But, yeah, I adapt and speak Greek now to get the Greek menu.

  42. You’re complaining bitterly about being treated as a “Xenos” or as the British and Irish would call you “a blow-in”, or the Flemish would say “een vreemde” etc. You don’t like the label and the attitude (mostly perceived) that comes with it. In Ireland, by the way, the “blow-in” tag remains with the family for at least 10 generations. So 40 years ain’t that bad…
    But, what is the first thing you do? You try and put a nationality label on me so that you can then tap into the list of presumptions that go with that label! (“All Greeks are lazy”, “All
    Americans have a big mouth”, “all Germans are Nazi’s”, etc.)
    What you are really doing is trying to measure just how much different I am from your accepted norms, so you can act accordingly. You got it very, very wrong, but then there are not too many mongrels like me around the place, so I won’t hold that against you 🙂
    What you are doing is participating in the very thing you complain about. Joining ex-pat groups etc does exactly the same thing. Your own actions contribute in preventing the very integration you so crave for. There are 3 of these ex-pat groups here, and it is not enough to label themselves as ex-pats (which is in fact a non-existing species, as the term specifically refers to British civil servants shipped out to “manage” the colonies), they have to have a seperate group for their own club, and end up not only bitching about the locals, but each other as well.
    If you are really that upset about the situation, then realize it’s a vicious circle, and the only one who can break that is you! It’s your own attitude that shapes your world…

  43. Some are more equal than others?

  44. who is she?

  45. it’s a poor world mentality. I remember in Morocco they sell to tourists according to their nationality:600 for Americans, 500 for Germans, 400 for Greeks, 300 for Portuguese. I bought nothing 🙂

  46. any suggestions on what we should call those returning irish with greek families[like rats deserting the sinking ship] to claim our better social welfare benifits when we are borrowing every day to support the thousands of people who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own
    they were seduced by what appeared to be a better way of living and as soon as things turned sour and after making a mess of their own lives they deserted their responsibilities and returned to live on us
    a lot of these people i know now have acted irresponsibly and now expect us to support them when they have contributed nothing to our economy
    any suggestions??

  47. a lot of these people i know now have acted irresponsibly and now expect us to support them when they have contributed nothing to our economy

    How many returning irresponsible Irish with Greek families claiming better welfare DO you know??? At a guess, not one…

  48. Ephilant, some of this confuses me, because I’m still not sure what you are talking about when you are saying I”m putting you into a category? I merely said that since you are greek and living abroad you are a Greek-something. I thought you lived abroad as a Greek, it was a simple mistake and you overanalyzed it.

    The rest of what you write is just difference of opinion I suppose.

  49. First Greek James Bond girl ever. She had a 30 second role as James lover in the opening scenes…..

  50. It is not the exact words you said, it is the mindset behind them. Stop trying to put people, including yourself, into boxes labeled “Greek”, “American”, “Catholic”, “Muslim”, “Black”, “Asian”, “Rich”, “Poor”,etc. It is a totally pointless exercise, resulting in totally unnecessary division.
    I am not a Greek-something, nor an American-something, nor a South African-something, nor an anything-something. And neither are you. We are all humans, and the colour of our skin or the name of our God or the place we were born is totally immaterial. That is what I’m saying.
    It is that constant attempt to force people into a box so that you can recognize them for the stereotypes they then become that causes most of the problems you are complaining about. In every single comment you made on this you, you always try to put people, including yourself, in a box, and then use the confinement imposed by that box to comment on or complain about how unfair the confinent is.