Man Arrested for Illegally Obtaining Personal Data of 9 Million Greeks from Finance Ministry

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The personal information of about nine million Greeks were found to be in possession of a 35-year-old man, who was after a complaint was filed by the Data Protection Authority.

According to Greek media, the man who was working as marketing freelancer for an IT-Telecommunications accompanying had acquired personal data, such as tax identification number, ID and car plates numbers,  financial status, names and addresses. He was selling this data to companies.

According to state broadcaster NET TV, he could earn up to 90,000 euro for selling all this data.

While it is not known whether the files were obtained hand-by-hand or computer-by-compuiter the man claimed that he received all these files by somebody he knew.

He was traced with the contribution of electronic Crime Department of Greek Police.

The data leakage raises a major question about the security of  files stored in computers of the Greek Finance Ministry.

sources:, NET TV

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