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Man Arrested for Illegally Obtaining Personal Data of 9 Million Greeks from Finance Ministry

The personal information of about nine million Greeks were found to be in possession of a 35-year-old man, who was after a complaint was filed by the Data Protection Authority.

According to Greek media, the man who was working as marketing freelancer for an IT-Telecommunications accompanying had acquired personal data, such as tax identification number, ID and car plates numbers,  financial status, names and addresses. He was selling this data to companies.

According to state broadcaster NET TV, he could earn up to 90,000 euro for selling all this data.

While it is not known whether the files were obtained hand-by-hand or computer-by-compuiter the man claimed that he received all these files by somebody he knew.

He was traced with the contribution of electronic Crime Department of Greek Police.

The data leakage raises a major question about the security of  files stored in computers of the Greek Finance Ministry.

sources:, NET TV

 PS what’s why I have been receiving more and more offer phone calls by telephone companies? Recently I had three such phone calls and thus on a single day .

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  1. That why it good to be immigrant like me. Nobody want to call me or if they do when they find out my status I hear CLICK on the phone and nobody there

  2. lol

  3. And I’ve been receiving LOADS of emails which are address by name – thought this was strange but assumed it was my email address that had been sold (didn’t all the companies do that years ago?)Greece is always years behind (and mostly lawless)

  4. Don’t worry.
    Already before your birth you are registered. Even being a pillar of society, everything you do is registered. Your, fax, email telephone calls, if say some dirty world the intelligence want to track. And that word is not f..k.
    This is not a conspiracy against you as a private person. It is aimed against drug and human traffiking, terrorism etc.
    If you are in Greece or Bangla Desh, the control is there. The inernet is a primitive tool compared.
    Have a nice conversation.

  5. The data leakage raises a major question about the security of files stored in computers of the Greek Finance Ministry.

    And this in a country where the main given reason for having so many people working for the state and the dismal level of services has always been that digitalisation was still in it’s infancy? And wasn’t it the Greek Finance Ministry that stated not so long ago that they didn’t have a clue who did not pay their poll-tax through the DEI-accounts?
    And now we learn one single guys can get all our info on one disk. Although I guess we all know what the Greek state officials are likely to do with disks…