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These are the Ancient Artifacts stolen from Olympia Museum (pcts, video)

 Greek police released pictures and video footage of the recovered artifacts stolen from the Museum of Ancient Olympia, after three Greeks were arrested on Friday for the armed robbery in February 2012.

The bronze and terracotta statuettes, vases and lamps, which date from the Geometric to the Classical era, all found and identified by archaeologists.

The stolen 77 archaeological artifacts of “incalculable value” were on display at the Museum of the History of the Olympic Games in Olympia, which boasts an expansive selection of ancient Greek objects of art.


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The art treasury, situated about 320 kilometers west of Athens, is home to a number of artifacts connected to the original Greek Olympics.

Collection of bronzes and terracottas from prehistoric, Archaic and Classical period.

 The robbers tried to sell the golden ring (below) found in a Mycenaean grave. Police officers pretended to be collectors interested to buy the stolen goods. The robber originally asked 1.5 million euro but later decreased the price down to 300,000 euro. Rober/seller and policeman/customer met in a Patras hotel room on Friday to seal the deal.  The transaction ended withthe arrest of the robber and his two accomplices who were waiting at the reception.

One of the most important museums in Greece, the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Olympia was built opposite the excavation site in a valley northwest of the Kronion hill. Designed by Patroklos Karantinos, it was officially opened in 1982. One of the best known exhibits is the Nike of Paeonius, which is featured on the medals awarded during the 2004 Summer Olympics.

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