Ex Greek PM Papandreou calls for European-Wide Referenda & social media for all

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It’s time for a European Revolution! YAY! Emancipation of the troubled EU citizen, active participation and social media! YEAH! Europe-wide referenda! Whoohoo! Hear! Hear! The proposal to revolutionize the European Union comes from a man who led his own country to ruins and unconditionally surrendered to the demands of the country’s creditors.

After saving Greece by deliberately taking the country to IMF mechanism and accepting all imposed terms without any negotiations, former prime minister George Papandreou plans to save the whole of the European Union.

In an article he posted in Huffington Post, the former PM who wanted to restruct Greece from its fundaments and ended up in ruining the lives of the majority of citizens, dares speaking of active EU citizens who need to have a say in decisions-taking EU mechanisms.

Referenda across Europe and social media everywhere will help emancipate the troubled EU citizen:

“Europe can regain the confidence of the markets, but first we must regain the confidence of our citizens. That is why I called for a referendum in Greece, so that people could debate and decide on their own future.

There is nothing wrong with European countries ceding sovereignty in the interest of creating a stronger Europe. (Indeed, they already have.) But as we do so, we need to rethink how our representatives in the Union are elected and how decisions are made. An EU president, elected by a European Parliament (or even a directly elected president), European-wide referenda, forms of more direct citizen participation and the use of social media are ideas already ripe to explore.

This new Europe, as I see it, will not be the product of one grandiose decision, dictated by an elite minority of powerful nations or some anonymous bureaucrats in Brussels. Small, incremental but complementary steps — made by each of us individually and all of us together — will build the values and the foundations for the Europe that we want.

Democracy and education will give new capacity to our citizens and that, in the end, will empower Europe and reinforce its legitimacy in our societies and around the world.” (Full post)

…without an apology, without a word of regret. And not a single note that while he goes around the globe delivering speeches and giving lectures in Harvard, Greek taxpayers come up for his salary and benefits as MP.