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Where is Santa Right Now? Track-Tour 2012

Right now, that is on December 2nd 2012, Santa is in the North Pole packing his gifts for the little and big kids around the world. He has been reading the letters sent by millions of children and gives orders to the elves. Everything must be ready for Santa’s big tour around the globe. Each year on December 24th, Santa and his reindeer launch from the North Pole very early in the morning for their famous trip that bring joy to millions.

 Santa’s Tour 2012 promotion video

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On that special day, Santa will be sitting and laughing on his fully-loaded, reindeer-powered sleigh that will take off from the North Pole, will soar to the arctic sky and bring joy to poor and rich, from Iceland to Japan and from Athens to Buenos Aires.

With the help of sattelites, every one can track Santa and his reindeers live, and thus only because the NORAD radar will closely surveill Rudolph’s brigh red nose. You will be able to locate Santa minute-by-minute.

How to track Santa

On December 24th 2012 you can track Santa in 3D in

In Greece you can track him after 11 a.m.

Track Santa with NORAD on December 24th, 2012.

The NORAD Tracks Santa Operations Center (NTSOC) opens on December 24th at 5:00 a.m. EST (4:00a.m. CST, 3:00a.m. MST, and 2:00a.m. PST) and remains open until 5:00am EST (4:00a.m. CST, 3:00a.m. MST, and 2:00a.m. PST) on December 25th.

While waiting for Santa, you can clock every day at Santa’s village and check about all activities.

Santa Clause

This year I heard that Santa won’t be able to visit all the kids due to austerity and economic crisis. Therefore, you can always get in the shoes of Santa for a while and give some presents to the less privileged ones. But do not tell around, OK?

Track Santa with Google

Google went its own way this year therefore you can also track Santa here

PS Until 2011, visitors could live track Santa via KTG. I think this year is not possible to download the application.

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  1. He has been homeless because of budget cut cut cut!

  2. I got this from a friend if anyone wants to call to find out exactly where Santa is:

    Each year nearly 1,200 volunteers selflessly give their time to the NORADTracks Santa program by taking hundreds of thousands phone calls and emailf from families around the world. Santa trackers at the toll-free NORAD TracksSanta hotline, 1-877-HI-NORAD, will begin answering phone calls and responding to email at 4 a.m. MST Dec. 24 and will continue until 3 a.m. MSTDec. 25.

  3. very nice, thank you

  4. my mom has not canfest that santa is not real and he is just a spreit of giving that is mot what x-mas is about and you guys should know that it is about the brith of the crist the lord cause if he was not born we would not be alive and that is what x-mas is all about



  5. santaiscomingtotown

    this was so helpful thank you!!

  6. Hi this is a question where is santa now

  7. its the truth what they say vbb

  8. 🙂

  9. My friends tell me that santa aint real so im hopeing that i will get presants for doing the right thing and believe i hope sant likes my homemade mince pies

  10. My friends tell me that santa aint real so im hopeing that i will get presants for doing the right thing and believe i hope sant likes my homemade mince pies and if u wnna track santa go on norad to find out where he is

  11. Oliva, I remember I first saw Santa in our kindergarden Xmas celebration. You know what? He brought me exactly the present I had wished for: a little kitchen 🙂 Since then I always carry this Santa with me. and he definitely likes homemade mince pies if they’re made with love 🙂

  12. i totally believe in Santa Claus
    about 3 years ago my dad and i saw his track in the sky on x-mas eve at night time. it was a big clear track plus no airplanes fly over our house