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Μan gets electrocuted as he tries to steal electricity

A 60-year-old man got electrocuted as he tried to ‘steal’ electricity. He tried to illegally connect his house with the columns of the Greek Public Power Company. While up to the column, the man was “knocked down” by the force of the power. He was taken to the hospital where the doctors could only confirm his death. 

The poor Roma family in Andravida, Peloponnese, had recently had the electricity cut by PPC due to unpaid bills.

According to official data, the PPC cuts off the power to 30,000 subscribers every month. Among them are businesses and shops that closed down and also many private households that are unable to pay the electricity bills as they skyrocket due to additional charges like municipality fees, state broadcaster fees, regular and emergency property taxes.

PS  A two-month electricity bill can look like that: 48 euro (electricity consumption incl V.A.T. ) + 189 euro (property levy & several fees) = 237 euro !

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One comment

  1. Poor man:
    You should have learned, way back in the last summer, some electricity theory and electrical wiring skills/techniques before attempting it. Yet, you’re a brave man and show a great love for your family. This alone I admire and respect you profoundly.