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A Very European Christmas – The sequel to A Very European Break Up (video)

A Very European Christmas’ is an ensemble comedy inspired by the European crisis. It tells the story of the unhappily married Germaine and Greco.


She’s German. He’s Greek. Will they and their friends make it through the season of goodwill?


The film is a sequel to ‘A Very European Break Up’, which has been watched well over 300,000 times online since its launch in late September. It has been picked up on websites and newspapers around the world and has featured on national TV news in Germany, Greece and the Netherlands.


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‘A Very European Christmas’ aims to be an international film. Each of the cast of 12 comes from a different country and subtitles will be provided in several languages. The film is less than 10 minutes long and made for any audience – though some viewers may want to watch it a few times to uncover all of the references.


This is the latest film from production start-up Econ Films, making movies about how the economy affects us all. Econ Films is run by British Writer- Director Bob Denham, an economics PhD dropout who has flirted with journalism, political activism and investment banking. Econ Films have teamed up with Ludere Productions, run by actress and producer Lara Doree. Joining them both is online entertainment specialist Elisar Cabrera.

Writer-Director Bob Denham adds: ‘This film was made in south London on a budget the IMF would be proud of. Think what might be possible with a few more loans.’

More information on Who is Who and other details here. Text by Econ Films


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