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Prosecutor files felony charges against private vocational school owner

An Athens prosecutor filed felony charges against the chairman and owner of  private vocational training group IEK XYNI, his wife and his daughter. The charges brought against the Xyni family followed an investigation about forged social security clearence, debts to social insurance fund and a series of tax offenses.

Prosecutor Popi Papandreou decided to disclose the names of the accused and forbid them from leaving the country.

According to prosecutor, the owners of IEK XYNI, a school for professional education, is being accused for issuing forged social security papers that they could certify the school had no debts to social security funds. This fraud would allow the school to receive state funding in form of  subsidized training programs.  IKE XYNI has reportedly received some 300,000 euro.

The debts from the years 2007, 2008 and 2009 to Greece’s biggest social insurance fund IKA would amount 692,000 euro – stand August 2012.

It looks as if the prosecutor has been investigating the issue for the last two years after she had received several complaints about the school.

Greek media had alleged that the school owner was using his contacts to esteemed members of the political world to avoid troubles with tax offices and social insurance funds.

 (news sources: ANA-MPA via Zougla  & others )

PS I remember to have already read in the near past about some irregularities in this education group, published in certain Greek newspapers. Apparently the time to clear the issue came now.

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