480-euro short-term “jobs” for 60K Greeks to prevent unemployment explosion

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With the target to halt the tsunami of unemployment Greek government is about to announce five programs that will offer short term ‘job’ opportunities to 60,000 jobless up to 35 years old for the year 2013. According to newspaper “Dimocratia” these “jobs’ will be in form of training programs of several weeks, where the people will receive a compensation of 480 euro.

A total funding of 35 million euro will come from EU funds (ESPA).

“Although similar programs have been implemented since the beginning of the crisis, the target to reduce unemployment has not been met. However, the lack of these programs would skyrocket unemployment by further 6 percent,” the newspaper stresses.

Duration of these training programs is nornally up to 6 weeks. They help reduce the official unemployment numbers and thus on a monthly basis. But they offer a short opportunity for young jobless to escape the sideeffects of the lack of persepctive for a while and also pocket some money.

Unemployment in Greece is currently at 25%, with more than 1,300,000 people without work. The data refer only to employees and not to other sectors of labour forces like self-employed, part-timers, those working black.

According to data released by German authorities, 123,000 Greeks sought work in Germany within 2012.

PS I think these training programs for jobless are implemented across Europe, right?