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Macedonia: Bloody highway pileups with one dead, 24 injured (picts,video)

Two pileups involving more than 36 vehicles occurred at Egnatia highway near Veroia town of Macedonia, leaving behind one driver dead and at least 24 people injured – among them 3 children. First information speak of dense fog and slippery asphalt.


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According to Greek media, the first crash occurred at 8:45 in the morning on Veroia-Thessaloniki lane, when a truck overturned for unknown so far reasons. Drivers told reporters that although they were on low speed due to dense fog, they were unable to stop their vehicles. A total of 19 vehicles and another truck almost climbed over each other or were overturned. A female driver was trapped in her car and died short after the accident due to her heavy injuries. Ambulances and firefighters rushed to the spot to rescue trapped drivers and transport 18 injured to nearby hospitals.

The second pileup occurred 500 meters away from the first. Nine vehicles were involved and one ambulance carrying a pregnant woman from Proloemaitha to Thessaloniki. Two people got injured and a big scale operation was organized to transport the woman pregnant on twins to the hospital. She is out of danger, according to latest reports.


The two pilkesups occurred at “Kleidi” interjection. 

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The highway Veroia to Thessaloniki was closed to traffic and vehicles built 3-km-long long queues.

sources and more pictures/video:, newsit, protothema

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