Greek Gov’t to Metro Workers: end strike or requisition and lay-offs!

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Greek government sent an ultimatum to striking Metro workers threatening them with lay-offs and ‘enforced mobilization’ or requisition. On Tuesday, government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou gave Metro workers time to resume work by next Thursday and end their strikes that prohibit the operation of Athens metro for the seventh consecutive day.

“The leaders of this unacceptable situation have time until tomorrow to comply with the court orders in order to restore legitimacy. Otherwise they will face the consequences of the law,” Kedikoglou told Vima FM on Tuesday morning.

“Even if they bring the tanks, we will resist,” Christos Koukis, the president of Metro workers union told a Greek website and said “we will answer with a war to the government war”. He also announced “a total black out in the public transport should the government proceed to requisition. This is not just a threat,” he stressed.

Workers at Athens Metro, urban train ISAP/HSAP and the Tram demand to be excluded from the new payroll, common for all civil workers.

While the Metro is on 24-hour repeated strikes since last week, urban train and the tram halt operation for six hours per day.

As the management of the three transport means sought legal measures, courts have declared the strikes as “illegal”. However workers continue their mobilization undeterred.

One million Athenians use these three public transport means on a daily basis.

Workers unions are to meet today and decide about the future of their protests.