Dutch PM on Greece: “It should be possible for a country to leave the euro zone”

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OK, let’s start the Greek euro exit discussion again. We have nothing else to do and no serious issue to deal with. So let’s start the panic triggering discussion again, especially now that The Netherlands has assigned its own finance ministry as head of the Euro group…

“Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, questioned about Greece, said on Thursday it should be possible for a country to leave the euro zone.

Rutte was asked on a World Economic Forum panel in the Swiss resort of Davos whether it was now certain that no countries would be leaving the single currency area after euro zone leaders agreed last year to further aid for Greece in return for draconian austerity measures and structural reforms.

“I believe our aim should be to have the whole euro zone intact,” he said. “At same time, you can never predict whether some country may want to leave the euro zone. I think that should be possible.” (Reuters)

Mark Rutte

Mark Rutte tries to locate Greece

Mark rutte is chairman of Dutch “Liberal Party”.