News Alert: Athens Metro resumes operation, soon also tram & urban train ISAP

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Short after 2.30 p.m. on Friday, Metro stations were opened to public after eight and a half days of strike. After the delivery of ‘civil mobilization orders’ striking workers were obliged to return to work to avoid legal measures like prison, fines and even lay-offs.

Athens metro is expected to operate according to weekend schedules, that is more or less every 20 minutes.

UPDATE: Tram resumed operation at 3:15 p.m.

The operation of urban train ISAP/HSAP and the tram are expected to resume soon as well.

According to Greek media, more than 60% of a total of 2,500 ‘civil mobilization orders’ have been handed out. 500 workers ar eneeded for a shift.

Workers at public transport means are to launch a protest outside the Finance Ministry at 4 p.m. However it looks as if the protest will tak eplace at Agios Antonios metro station due to weather conditions.

Workers at bus and trolley continue their 24-hour strike. The company management has sought legal measures and is awaiting a court ruling to declare the strike as ‘illegal’.

Athens Metro does not operate to/frm Athens airport because Proastiakos is on strike.