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Greek Public Order Min: Photoshop on suspects’ pictures neccessary for recognition by the public

The turmoil over the alleged torture of the four young men arrested for bank robbery and links to terrorism and the photoshoped pictures continues on Monday. While the prosecutor ordered an investigation over the torture allegations of the men’s parents and lawyers,  Minister of Citizen protection & Public Order, Nikos Dendias, justified the need of photoshop.

athens arrests photoshop

After – Before

“The photoshop was neccessary in order to identify the perpetrators and provide information about them,” Denidas told morning magazine of private Mega TV, implying that the public would not be able to identify the the four without the photoshop because the marks of abuse on  the faces would make them unrecognizable.

Dendias stressed that if it is proven that the arrested were victims of abuse, the abusers will receive “merciless punishment.”

Both Dendias and government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou appeared on Monday not to fully adopt the official version of the Greek police, that the “terrorists were injured during their arrest because they resisted.”

Dendias and Kedikoglou stressed that Greece is a “country of law”.

The publishing of doctored suspects’ pictures seem to have brought results. According to Greek media reports, an anonymous caller tipped off the police of an apartment in Chalandri suburb of northern Athens apparently being used by at least one of the suspects. the apartment was raided by police on Monday morning. No weapons were found, but reportedly other important evidence. Police still tries to locate the main shelter of the alleged terrorists.


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