Tuesday , January 16 2018
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Athens: orange alert due to smog particles and Sahara dust

A dangerous cocktail of ‘fire wood smog particles’ and clouds of red Sahara-dust have alerted the Greek environment ministry. According to official atmospheric data collected from several suburbs in Athens, the smog reached dangerous levels during the last two days.

Athens smog Sahara-dust

While the Environment Ministry advices citizens to avoid lighting fire places, the Health Ministry advices sensitive society groups with heart or respiratory problems to avoid going outdoors.

The phenomenon is expected to move towards Crete, when North winds will start blwoing tonight 🙂

PS *cough*cough* damned allergy! I’m indoors!

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  1. Pssss! KTG! Your whitebalance is off a tat! LOL

  2. keeptalkinggreece

    eh? didn’t get it…

  3. LOL! Some joke out of photography. You can counter all kinds of unrealistic color casts. And this orange sure IS unrealistic. But I have seen it often enough at our house in southern Greece to know that in this case it is realistic.

  4. keeptalkinggreece

    it was awfully yellow-grey on Monday, and rather orange towards sunset.
    ps: no tutorials, no links ( KTG will go under with the much too many links, readers post – and I delete lol)

  5. KTG, how are the white spots on your black umbrella?I guess you keep it indoors, so they probably are still white, right?

  6. thanks for caring about the white spots. they’re fine 🙂