Greek gov’t decides “civil mobilization” against striking seamen

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Greek coalition government found the magic formula to end long lasting strikes: the formula is called “civil mobilization”. A measure meaning that the government issues personal orders to the name of employees and that they will have to return to work, or else get fired, pay fine or even go to jail.

After the failure of negotiations between Maritime Minister and seamen union PNO and the PNO decision to extend their strikes for another 48 hours, Samaras’ government, decided to grab radical measures.

According to Greek media, the Maritime Ministry is to start sending the orders during the day with the civil mobilization to go into effect as of 6 o clock in the morning, tomorrow Wednesday, February 6th 2013. (I’ll keeo you updated if ti will indeed go on effect or it’s just a pressure tool).

“Civil mobilization” was imposed end of Janruary against striking workers at Athens Metro, Urban Train and Tram.

However, workers at the three public transport means are civil servants, while seamen are not.

Seamen demand amon others to receive outstanding wages amounting almost 20 million euro.

PS next “civil mobilization” orders will be issued for striking farmers? protesting university students? and broke taxpayers?