Greek PM to farmers: VAT reduction in agricultural supplies within …the 4 years of his governance

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It touches the edge of pathetic when a prime minister of a country wants to please certain professional or society groups but his hands are tight by external forces, while other interests groups are just lurking to jump in and demand similar privileges.

Speaking at the Greek Parliament on Tuesday, prime minister Antonis Samaras promised farmers that the Value Added Tax on agricultural supplies will be reduced within the next four years his party is in the government.

Further, Samaras spoke also of providing farmers with cheap electricity at night time and have them go into retirement after 40 years of insurance at the age of 62.

Farmers were down to the streets for several days, protesting the austerity policies and holding a long list of demands.

But Samaras can give only a thing or two. Troika forbids any initiatives that could derail the fiscal targets.

Before the elections in June 2012, Samaras had promised to reduce the 23% V.A.T. in restaurants, cafes and bars in order to boost the sector and the tourism. So far nothing happen. The promise remains vague “to materialize sometime in the future”.