Golden Dawn indoctrinates even 6-year-old children

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Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi) launched the indoctrination of school starters with the ideals of the extreme-right party. Children of even 6 years old that are described as  “the little friends of the movement” recently visited local offices of the party together with their parents and underwent an ideological brain-wash.

Referring to information form the official website of GD,  daily TA NEA reports that the first meeting of this kind took place last Saturday in Artemis, area of Eastern Attica prefecture. Approximately 20 children aged 6-10 years old were present with their parents.

Next to the pictures from the meeting, a text by GD stresses that “the childhood is suitable to plant role models.”

“Two teachers, members of the party’s local organization, spoke to the children “about the birth of the ancient world according to ancient Greek thought, the Olympian gods, the ancient Greek pantheon and the Christian faith. Similar actions have been announced in order as an effort to ‘regenerate the Greek spirit.”

“The indoctrination method is based on the book “Propaganda-Methodical and technical education of the masses” published in 1967 by Giorgos Georgalas, the mouthpiece of military dictatorship 1967-1974″ TA NEA stresses.

Hobby: beating undocumented migrants

The indoctrination of the primary school children came the day TA NEA published a survey report  also with audio testimonies of teenagers aged 14-15 years, admitting beating migrants in the name of GD.

“Whenever we see a Pakistani, we chase him,” Apostolis, 15, told TA NEA, adding “We have the same reasons to do it as the GD has.”

Apostolis, 15 : “I saw him standing at the column there. I run and fell on him together with another boy and started beating him,” Apostolis said. “I have beaten many. 10-15, somewhere this number. If the teachers learn about it, I lie and tell them that they provoked me.”

Giorgos, 14:  “We are not Golden Dawn.  It’s like a hobby. those without papers must be beaten.”

TA NEA survey proved that GD approaches teenagers 16-17 years old and but also that high school students, not party members, refer to the GD name as a mean of bullying and justification of attacks against migrants.

The daily had posted also pictures showing teenagers from the youth organization of GD distributing leaflets.

“Golden Dawn described TA NEA report as “false, immoral and monstrous.” However Golden Dawn itself admits with the uploads on its website that it approaches younger children. No teenagers but primary education school children.”

Full Story TA NEA in Greek.

According to latest statements from the extreme-right party, Golden Dawn wants to launch kindergarden for Greek only children.