Athens: Barking strays protest the Troika …in the name of all Greeks (picts)

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The representatives of Greece’s lenders had a rather unpleasant encounter on Sunday: they came face to face with the famous Athens strays. Three, four doggies had taken position outside the finance ministry as the Troika moved to meet minister Yiannis Stournaras and check the pulse of Greece’s austerity progress.

troika strays

 Duel in Athens: Troikans against strays

Following some mysterious inner voice, the strays had gathered outside the ministry. They formed a chain of protest – ‘representative’ – so to say – for the millions of Greeks suffering from the harsh austerity and the never ending taxes.

Video: all the pictures

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The confrontation ended with loud barking and the Troikans rushing to the building, holding their bags in defending position.


A stray would bark when it smells the fear, right?


-“and who are you?” – “oh, I’m the deputy finance minister!”

I assume that after this incident, Brussels will modify its long list of  “security instructions to Troika officials visiting Athens”, adding “Beware of strays dogs!” or “Avoid places where strays are protesting austerity!”

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