Athens court sentences ex Defence Minister to 8 years imprisonement, half million euro fine

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A court in Athens sentenced former Defence Minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos to 7+1 years imprisonment, a fine of 520,000 euro while it ordered the confiscation of  his luxury real estate property, a three-storey building at noble Dionisioy-Aeropagitoy Street close to Acropolis.

Akis Tsochatzopoulos, former powerful PASOK official stood trial on Monday morning facing charges of inaccurate income declarations for the years 2006-2009.

The ex-minister allegedly failed to declare 47,000 euros of assets in 2006, 33,000 in 2007 and 20,000 in 2008 in deposits, shares and securities. He was also accused of failing to declare that his wife Viki Stamati bought in 2009 the couple’s luxury home close to the Acropolis.

The property was confiscated in the context of another pending trial referring to so-called “black political money” – read: bribes – from armament and submarines purchases.

The court sentence seems exaggerated when it comes to not having declared some 100,000 euro. However, as former politician  Tsochatzopoulos ought to have declared all his assets, according to the law.

The trial on Monday morning is the first of a series of trials the former minister will have to stand for embezzlement of public funds.