Is it true, the Troika complained about the Athens strays & demanded measures?

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Are we just about to see austerity measures imposed to Athens strays? Do the Troikans gave up numbers and balance sheets and started to deal with the stray dogs of this city? There are reports in the Greek media, that the Troikans complained to finance minister about the incident on Sunday, where the strays ‘protested’ their arrival to Greece’s finance ministry building.

“According to daily Dimokratia, the representatives of Greece’s lenders did not let their adventure with the dogs go unnoticed. They underlined to Yiannis Stournaras, that the presence of stray packs in the Greek capital was unacceptable and asked that measures should be taken.” (Dimokratia via

We admit that Sunday confrontation with the dogs was rather unpleasant for the representatives of IMF, EU and ECB, who were taken by surprise by the original protest and proved they had no idea how to deal with four-legged strays.

We also agree, that they most probably do not like dogs. Everyone who has a dog can tell, he’d bark when he smells fear, increased adrenaline in human sweat or when he feels in danger.

As the strays were not aware of the strict austerity measures, I would hardly believe, they barked to protest austerity.

Following option should not be excluded as well: that those supporting the extermination of the strays or of barking dogs via the new animals law in Greece may have tricked the Dimocratia news out of their fingers. And they choose they easy way as usual: to blame the Troika for all imposed measures….

We immediately demand clarification by the Troika on this issue!

Not to mention that the Troika needs to write an open support to Athens strays.

Some rumors on the Greek internet claim, it was EU Commission representative Mattias Morse who complained to Stournaras.

PS that’s exactly what we re missing in Greece: that the Troika demands measures against the strays… HA!