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Channel 4: police & prosecutor intervene in racist Golden Dawn documentary

The tolerance towards the incredible racism expressed by members of extreme-right party Golden Dawn was of very short duration. Hours after the video started to flood Greek media and internet sites, police intervened and sent the excerpts from the documentary broadcast on UK Channel 4 News to the prosecutor.

The Department against Racial Violence of Greek Police sent some excerpts from the documentary to the prosecutor in Athens.

“In the excerpts sent to prosecutor, an MP candidate for the parliament elections on the list of Golden Dawn speaks about migrants with threatening expressions such as “We are ready to open the ovens. Because soaps are nice… “Soaps to wash the cars, soaps to clean the sidewalks…, “some table lamps out of their skin…”, “take some teeth…” (o Vima )

According to SKAI TV, authorities are seeking the MP-candidate, while the prosecutor asked to watch the whole documentary. The politician in spe could face felony charges for violating the racism law.

Greek student Konstantinos Georgousis filmed “The Cleaners -the true face of Golden Dawn” during summer 2012. He spent a month going through the streets of Athens.


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  1. Great. At least that prediction of those thugs in the documentary seems to becoming reality!
    But even in this one only shivers to think why in the lords name the police only did send excerpts to the prosecutors and why these are then sitting on their hands awaiting the delivery of the whole thing that is everywhere on the internet and on the website of Channel 4 too… *sigh*

  2. keeptalkinggreece

    because that’s the normal legal procedure.