Golden Dawn MP protests Turkish broadcasts by peeing at TV channel door

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Seven MPs and several members of extreme-right Golden Dawn gathered outside private Mega TV on Monday evening  to protests the broadcast of Turkish serials. Some protesters threw eggs and yogurt. But one MP went even further: he peed at the entrance glass door of the television channel.

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Christos Panagiotopoulos, news director of Mega TV, commented on his website:

“Here is the parliamentary representative of Golden Dawn, Christos  Pappas, at work …

He pees in “Greek style” at the entrance of Mega, in an apparent symbolic defiance of Muhammad the Conqueror and Suleiman the Magnificent- it doesn’t matter if the serial for Suleiman is broadcast by Antenna …

Simulated to be a true descendant of  Nikitaras the Turksbane, he exposed his dick to the unarmed  glass door…

The gentleman on the picture was sent to the Greek Parliament by thousands of voters.

They should cheer him now!”

The incident took place on the anniversary of the start of Greek Revolution against the Ottoman occupation, celebrated on March 25th as Independence Day.

Greek private television channels have been massively broadcasting Turkish serials due to their low cost and the economic crisis that hit Greece.

There are times the Greek TV audience gets the feeling to be living in Turkey with all this melodrama broadcast in the evening right after prime time news.