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Greek PM Samaras almost faints during party congress (picts, video)

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras almost fainted while he was delivering a speech at Nea Dimocratia congress on Friday evening. “Apologies, I don’t feel well, I have to sit down for two minutes,” Samaras told the 4,000 delegates and left the podium.


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Samaras: “…NeaDemocracy… I will ask for apology. I have to sit down for two minutes.”

He approached the panel of high-ranking delegates and sat down.

Assistants and doctors rushed to help the prime minister who was almost fainting.

Samaras recovered quickly with a glass of orange juice and returned to continue his speech.


A statement form his office said later that a reported gastro-stomach virus and a relentless schedule were the causes for the brief feeling unwell.

Antonis Samaras is due to give the closing speech at the congress on Sunday.

June is no good for Samaras

The month of June – especially the second half – seems to be very challenging to the Greek prime minister not only for political but also for health issues.

17. June 2012 he won the elections – even thought not with overwhelming majority – and had to undergo an eye operation just three days (24. June) after he sworn-in as PM on 21. June. he was diagnosed with early stage of retinal detachment.

21. June 2013 Samaras lost his junior partner Democratic Left and had to reshuffle the government on 24. June. The coalition breaking-apart was due to the sudden shutdown of public broadcaster ERT on 11. June He fell unease on 28. June.

So it looks as if the last 10-days of June tend to cause some troubles…

PS regular cardio-exercise strengthens the immune system and reliefs stress. Walking and swimming would be highly advisable here 🙂

Salty chicken broth is good to replace the fluids loss due to gastrostomach virus. It could avert a sudden blood pressure drop due to electrolyte loss.

Additionally, the wearing of blue pearls is highly recommended against the evil eye.

(Samaras’ illness news sources: ekathimerini, newmoney, newsit (more pictures)

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