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Daily Archives: July 1, 2013

Nea Dimocratia MP supports cooperation with Golden Dawn

Vyron Polydoras, lawmaker of Samaras’ Nea Dimocratia, made a surprised statement on Monday. Speaking to private Real FM, Polydoras said that Nd should open the door to Golden Dawn. Asked by Real FM reporter whether ND should cooperate with Golden Dawn, Polydoras replied: “Certainly. We demonstrate sensitivity towards Golden Dawn …

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Germany invites jobless EU youth to go there for work

5.501 million unemployed youth across Europe? 3.531 million jobless youth in the Eurozone alone? No problem for all those with or without university education who if lucky could find a temporary job as pizza boys and service girls for 400 euro per month. Germany opens its arms and welcome all the …

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USA spies friends and allies – Greece as well

They bugged everything they could: phones and computers. If US National Security agency spied even EU officials, you think a tiny country like Greece would have escaped the American Big Brother?  Through operations Prism and Tempora Washington collected data transmitted by implants, or bugs, placed inside electronic devices, and another covert operation that appears …

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