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USA spies friends and allies – Greece as well

They bugged everything they could: phones and computers. If US National Security agency spied even EU officials, you think a tiny country like Greece would have escaped the American Big Brother?  Through operations Prism and Tempora Washington collected data transmitted by implants, or bugs, placed inside electronic devices, and another covert operation that appears to provide a copy of everything on a targeted computer’s hard drive.

The German magazine Der Spiegel reported at the weekend that some of the bugging operations in Brussels targeting the EU’s Justus Lipsius building – a venue for summit and ministerial meetings in the Belgian capital – were directed from within Nato headquarters nearby. In Germany alone NSA taps half a billion phone calls, emails and text messages on average each month.

Although the latest documents are part of an NSA haul leaked by Snowden, it is not clear in each case whether the surveillance was being exclusively done by the NSA – which is most probable as the embassies and missions are technically overseas – or by the FBI or the CIA, or a combination of them. The 2010 document describes the operation as “close access domestic collection”.

The operation against the French mission to the UN had the covername “Blackfoot” and the one against its embassy in Washington was “Wabash”. The Italian embassy in Washington was known to the NSA as both “Bruneau” and “Hemlock”.

The eavesdropping of the Greek UN mission was known as “Powell” and the operation against its embassy was referred to as “Klondyke”. (full article Guardian)

So far there has been no reaction on the Greek side. Spokesman of Greek Foreign Ministry said Monday afternoon that Athens is going to ask for explanations form Washington.

The US-spying scandal was revealed by Edward Snowden, the 30-year-old former NSA contractor and computer analyst whose leaks have ignited a global row over the extent of US and UK electronic surveillance.

A statement is expected from Washington.

Friendly advice: watch out when you’re out for partying

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PS Cicero is astil alive. O Tempora, o mores! Oh what times! Oh what customs!

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  1. Reminds me of the phone tapping scandal during the Athens Olympics.
    The joke doing the rounds was that the reason phone calls are so expensive in Greece is that when one is talking…two are listening!

  2. Smile…You’re on Candid Camera…American style. AND we have drones too!

    No wonder the Government wants to get their hands on Snowden.

  3. keeptalkinggreece

    huh? I think I need to wear make up when spekaing on the phone or writing emails. (holy sh–)

  4. keeptalkinggreece

    huh? I think I need to wear make up when speaking on the phone or writing emails. (holy sh–)

  5. keeptalkinggreece


  6. keeptalkinggreece

    to tell you the truth the whole scandal reminds me of the Doris Day film with dog “Vladimir” and beeping bugs on party canapees. That were the Cold War times, but heat-heads have learned nothing.

  7. The cold war syndrome has not gone away, and big brother is still listening with both ears, tapping phones, recording converstations, etc. Sometimes it backfires… Did you her about the Anglo tapes in Ireland, currently causing lots of red faces everywhere, mainly in the financial world? Anglo Irish Bank (the one that went bust and cost the Irish tax payer some 72 billion and counting…) had the habbit of taping conversations between managers, in meetings, etc. the tapes have leaked. Some of the converstations are between the CEO and his top managers, discussion how they are going to make the Irish People cough up for their gambling loses. Those meetings would make “The Soprano’s” shiver in their boots, some of the tactics these guys discussed and put in place are mind boggling. I wonder if Uncle Sam has the full series? It would be very interesting if they did, they could expose bankers Europe wide for the gangsters they really are. But would they….

  8. keeptalkinggreece

    yes, the Anglo tapes were very …honest lol

  9. lol. Indeed, petty the people on them were a little less honest. And not one of them charged, leave alone locked up. Many still earning 500k a year and more, doing what they do best. Screwing the ordinary person for all they can…

  10. I was thinking about all those imbedded microphones and cameras in laptops, tablets, phones, etc.

    Unless you can PHYSICALLY disable them they can be turned on any time by people who have the proper spyware and training.

    Perhaps Granny could knit you a little camera cover?

  11. Real justice is for the poor. The rich can buy their own brand of “justice”.

  12. keeptalkinggreece

    THAT’S the solution. Granny’s knitted camera cover, to open only when I am properly dressed 🙂

  13. Indeed William, as we say, the law both serves and rules. It serves the rich and rules the poor…