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Daily Archives: July 2, 2013

Why are Athens streets closed this afternoon?

No, no Greeks took to the streets to protest austeirty, taxes and other Troika incoveninces. The streets around the US embassy in Athens are closed because our spying friends and allies celebrate the 4th of July.  Small streets around the embassy are closed to traffic, while vehicles do not move on regular speed on …

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Greek Development Minister: We shutdown ERT to please the Troika

The statement of Development Minister Costis Chatzidakis is not even cynical. It simply demonstrates the inability of the Greek government to proceed to so-called needed ‘structural reforms’ and lay-off the civil servants who break the law, are incapable or were hired as a political favoritism. Speaking to German daily “DIE WELT“, Chatzidakis …

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Athens: time for our regular summer pollution (smog)

Headache? Coughing? Chest pressure? Blocked nostrils? No worries. It’s just the smog over Athens. This yellow-grey cloud hanging over the Greek capital summer-in and summer-out.  Air-pollution in a city with almost zero industry. Breathtaking air-pollution while temperatures are moderate and thus about 33 degrees Celsius. Smog with dangerous particles that reach the alarm level. …

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Why Noah’s Ark would never have been built in Greece

You think, Noah would have been able to build the famous Ark in case he was living in Greece? That would be a very big #FAIL. The human-animal-rescue project would be have been able to conclude for three simple reasons: 1) the notorious Greek bureaucracy 2) the slowness of the Greek public sector …

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Cosco Hellas: Captain Wei goes… targets allegedly not met

Powerful and multi-awarded Captain Wei Jia Fu, chairman of the board of Cosco Hellas returns to China after a decision of central party committee. China Ocean Shipping Group (Cosco) announced the decision on Tuesday. Greek media report of some investors allegedly blaming Captain Wei for losses during the last two years. …

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