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Happy Birthday, Angela Merkel! Ave, Imperatrix, morituri te salutant! – Best wishes from Greece

German Chancellor Angela Merkel celebrates her 59. birthday. Angela Dorothea Merkel was born 17 July 1954 in Hamburg.  She grew up in Eastern Germany where her father served as a pastor in a socialist-communist country. She studied chemistry and was member in several East German youth organizations and institutions, among others in Agitation & Propaganda Department, which Merkel saved in her brain as ‘culture department’.  She entered West German politics after the fall of the Wall in 1989 where she underwent a intensive training in get-rid-of- socialist-communists-thoughts. She became leader of conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in 2000 and chancellor of Germany in 2005.

Angela Merkel is will not celebrate her birthday today with cake and shampus (German for Champagne). She will follow her normal program with meetings and …meetings. She will celebrate on upcoming Saturday among her family members..

Until the real celebration, she maybe have to deal with this nasty issue of NSA-Prism because some claim, that some of the data traffic coming through the German internet exchange point DE-CIX is diverted to German intelligence and other agencies. German media claim, Germany was well informed about the US- surveillance program.

However although a sensitive Cancer, the German Chancellor is a tough woman who knows how to deal with hardships and jumps over the obstacles put on her way by her enemies.

On the occasion of her birthday, I dare to send my warmest wishes to German Chancellor as our extended ruler:

Happy Birthday, Angela Merkel! Ave Imperatrix, morituri te salutant!

more on Angela Merkel here

Ave Imperatrix, morituri te salutant = Hail empress, those about to die salute you (more info here)

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