Thursday , February 22 2018
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Skouries: Eldorado Gold announces delay in Greek and Romanian projects

Slowly and gradually it looks as if Canadian Eldorado Gold steps backs and reconsiders its plans of gold mining in Greece and Romania. Official justification is the sliding prices of gold.I don’t how if there were protesters in Romanian project, but things are expected to calm down in Halkidiki peninsula in Northern Greece.

“Vancouver-based Eldorado Gold announced 2013 capital expenditure cuts of 35%, as well as minimum yearlong delays at three key European gold mining projects, in a July 16 company news release.

The Greece delays will take place at the Perama and Skouries sites, where Eldorado is up against firm opposition from local and environmental groups. Company property was attacked in February of this year by masked arsonists on the Halkidiki peninsula, the location of Skouries.

Eldorado will also postpone production at the Certej project, Romania.

The move is seen as a sign of what’s to come from other gold miners as companies with weaker balance sheets scramble to preserve capital in the face of a sliding gold price.” (via

PS I think the recent Eldorado Gold PR-campaign in form of an informative magazine in Greek newspapers was in vain.

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