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Athens: Schaeuble is here – hopefully not to stay

German finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble arrived in Athens on Thursday morning. Like a modern emperor. he will hold meetings with the political leadership of the occupied territories. He will meet almost everybody responsible for the implementation of the austerity program and the execution of the highest orders: The prime minister and the deputy prime minister, the finance and the development minister. Schaeuble will also meet some people from the private sector, the  pharmaceutical one included.


The fiesta of Schauble’s schedule:

12:00 pm: event, speech organized by Greek-German Chamber of Commerce (Hilton hotel)

2:00 pm Samaras

3:15 pm Venizelos

4:00 pm Stournaras, KfW agreement, press conference

I suppose in between there would be some lunch, frappe and fruits….

Wolfgang Schaeuble will meet almost everybody. Except the President of the Republic, who chose to meet with Alexis Tsipras, the leader of main-opposition party, left-wing SYRIZA and veteran Manolis Glezos, who took down the German flag from the Acropolis during the Nazi occupation in 1940. The three men will talk about the German World War II reparations and the enforced loan. (Bingo!)

Greek media report that he will sign an agreement with his Greek counterpart to seal the German investment aid of 100 million euro through the German investment bank KfW. Peanuts? It”s a symbolic gesture, folks!

After he will have troubled the four millions of Athenians through severe security measures, closure of metro stations and ban of public gatherings, Schaeuble will go back to Germany around midnight.

Speaking to German state ARD television before he left for Athens, Schaeuble said “the public sector and the strikes are the main problems for Greece.”

PS Bowing in sincere humbleness, we deeply apologize for the inconvenience we cause to Germany 🙂 But we do our best: we pay 4,000 policemen on duty to safeguard Schaeuble’s visit.

pictures from Schaeuble’s arrival in Hilton, bright smiles and warm handshakes here



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