Church Heritage project for €2.5 million? “No, thanks,” says Archbishop Ieronymos

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It’s the same old mentality that rules here: get as much public money as possible. It’s the same old mentality that prevails here and makes us, average Greeks believe that “nothing will change in this country.” In times of harshest austerity with families unable to feed their kids and patients unable to buy their medicine, a website to promote the Church Heritage was to be build for two and a half million euro.

The project “Ecclesiastic Cultural Heritage” would include among others: development of interactive thematic applications, development of experiential scenarios displayed in 3-Dimensional videos, development of special areas for the personal interactive experience, installation of 3D screens, supply of digital content and digital production equipement.

Total cost

2,452,131 euro (twomillionfourhundredfiftytwothousandonehundredthirtyone euro)

Archibishop Ieronymos and the Holy Archdiocese of Athens reportedly cancelled the tender for the project after reading the outrageous amount to be spent on the project.

PS I think the most appropriate name for this project would have been “God-bless-the-Greeks-for-they-don’t-know-what-they-do dot com”