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Eurobarometer: 98% of Greeks say “economy poor”, 90% do not trust the government

98% of Greeks describe the situation of the national economy as “poor”, while 90% tend to not trust the government and 89% do not trust the parliament. These are among others the Greek results of an EU survey, the Eurobarometer.

98% of Greeks and 72% of EU citizens describe the situation of their national economy “poor”, according to a Eurobarometer survey released today in Brussels.

The public opinion survey was conducted in the EU Member States in the spring and especially in Greece during the period 11-25 May 2013.

As regards in particular the situation of their household, 78% of Greeks and 35% of EU citizens believe that things are “bad”, while 58% of them believes that their personal job situation is bad .

In terms of their expectations for the next twelve months, 62% of Greeks believes that the economic situation will get worse (improvement of 14% compared with the previous Autumn Eurobarometer 2012) when in the EU, only 11% expresses similar point (improvement of 6% compared with the previous survey). Greeks are pessimistic in regard to their personal job situation with 35% saying things will get worse. 11% the average EU figure.

For Greeks. the two key issues the country faces are: unemployment (65%) and economic status (49%) when the EU the corresponding percentages are 51% and 33%.

On a personal level, Greeks consider that the main issues of concern to them is the economic situation (31% to 18% in the EU), high taxes (30% to 16% in the EU), unemployment (27% to 22% in EU) and high prices (28% to 41% in the EU).

90% of Greeks’ tend not to trust their government “(71% in the EU), while a similar view on the country’s parliament has 89% of our fellow citizens (68% in the EU) . Confidence to political parties in the country  only 4% of Greeks and 16% of citizens in the EU.

EU trust:  80% of Greeks and 60% of EU citizens do not trust the EU!

At the same time, 68% (10% improvement compared to the previous Eurobarometer) of Greeks believe that the worst is still to come in terms of the negative impact of the crisis on the labor market. In the EU, 55% of citizens expressed similar pessimism (improvement of 7% over the previous Eurobarometer).

68% of Greeks (slight improvement of 2% over the previous Eurobarometer) and 35% of EU citizens say the current situation does not allow them to make plans for the future and live day to day (worsening 7%).

PS The post could also have the title “In the EU we don’t trust”….

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