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Daily Archives: July 26, 2013

EWG OKs €2.5bn to Greece, EU official sees €3.8bn program shortfall

A good news and a bad news: the Euro Working Group approved the 2.5 billion euro bailout tranche to Greece. The announcement was made via …Twitter! The Euro Working Group of finance officials has approved the disbursement of a E2.5 billion aid tranche for Greece, European Commission spokesman Simon O΄Connor …

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Ioannina: unpaid stockbreeders break into dairy company demanding their money

Stones flew through the air and tear gas was fired when angry milk producers broke into a dairy company in Ioannina, western Greece. Hundreds of milk farmers gathered on Friday morning outside “Dodoni” milc factory demanding their money. “We have been unpaid for four months, we cannot feed our families,” …

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Three years in IMF, there are still tax “untouchables”: the caste of Greek millionaires

Three years after Greece sought the money of IMF and drained every employee, pensioner and property owner with unbearable taxes, Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras openly admits: there is still a caste of people the tax authorities do not dare to touch. People with millions in the bank who declare income below …

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