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Daily Archives: July 29, 2013

Samaras – Letta: Greek-Italian virtual reality

“Greece is emerging from the crisis” Italian prime minister Enrico Letta following a meeting with his Greek counter part antonis Samaras in Athens. “Greece is emerging from the crisis and Italy will stand next to it though the country which must, however stick to its pledged reforms,” Letta added. “We …

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No more additional taxes? EU agrees and demands more taxes from Greeks

While even EU politicians have repeatedly claim that Greeks cannot afford more taxes, the EU technocrats with the blessing of those EU politicians came to the conclusion that Greeks will have to pay the so-called ’emergency taxes’ also for the next years. In the latest European Commision report on Greece issued on Monday, …

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Journalist Union ESIEA expells Government spokesman over role in ERT shutdown

Greece’s journalist union ESIEA permanently expelled government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou over his role in the shutdown of public broadcaster ERT. As government spokesman Kedikoglou was also in charge of ERT. Greek public broadcaster ERT was practically shut down overnight on June 11th 2013. The decision was taken with 4:1 votes by …

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Larissa: Teacher suffers heart attack and dies after being laid-off due to Troika austerity

The shock of being sent to labor reserve and lose the income overnight was probably something the heart of the female teacher could not bear. On Saturday afternoon, the teacher felt unease and fainted.  The doctors of the hospital where she was transferred could only confirm their death. The teacher of Nursing …

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There is no news; or better say: there is nothing new

There are no news to report about. Because all news are not new. It”s just taxes and wildfires – a usual phenomenon in summer. And non-stop decisions by the Greek finance ministry. 1000+1 ways how to combat tax evasion. And that’s no new too. the latest since 2010 Greece tries …

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