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Wes McGrew: New IMF mission head to replace Bob Traa in Greece

Our beloved Bob Traa, the head of IMF mission in Greece is leaving the debt-ridden country. There were claims in the Greek press some time ago, that Bob Traa would go to early retirement at the tender age of 56. Because as everybody knows the rules (taxes, retirement age at 67) the International Monetary Fund imposes to the countries it is called to save, these rules do not apply for the staff of IMF.

Anyway, Sunday newspaper To Vima reported today, that US-citizen Wes McGrew is going to replace Dutch Bob Traa in Greece.

“McGrew grew up in Thessalonki where his father was head of “Anatolia” college for 25 years. His interlocutors describe him as polite and of low profile.

Before his new appointment, Wes McGrew has served as IMF mission director in FYROM and dealt also with the Cyprus problem.

The IMF picked up McGrew for the hot potato in Greece a Philhellene in order to amplify the negative impressions Traa is leaving behind.” (To VIMA)

Whether ‘philhellene’ or ‘arrogant’ Wes Mc Grew is expected to start working in Greece in September and soon saw his real face – Not, that we really care, OK?

I’m sure McGrew speaks also Greek. However when he moves to Athens he has to replace ‘suvlaki sandwich’ with ‘pita kalamaki’ otherwise he will go hungry 🙂

PS I hope MC Grew didn’t choose such an expensive apartment/villa like Traaaaaaa.

“Sad to see you go?” Hm… I can’t say.



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