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Daily Archives: August 29, 2013

Greek FinMin quotes Lenin: ‘useful idiots’ those who do not want Greece to succeed

Would you dare believe that a Finance Minister who applies neo-liberal IMF policies would cite a phrase attributed to Russian communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin? Oh yes! In this surreal country called “Greece” everything is possible. Even that. Apparently because the ‘modern neo-liberals’ used to be ‘leftist’ or ‘communists’ when they …

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Death myystery: designer “Michalis Aslanis died of pulmonary edema,” says autopsy preliminary report

The death of famous fashion designer Michalis Aslanis remains a mystery even after the preliminary results of the autopsy. “Aslanis died from pulmonary edema,” Greek media report on Thursday, citing the coroner who conducted the autopsy. Greek fashion designer Michalis Aslanis died from pulmonary edema according to a preliminary post …

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Philip Morris to turn town of Agrinio into Europe’s tobacco warehouse

Big investment on the way. Greece will turn into tobacco warehouse for the whole of Europe. Philip Morris has plans to build a new central warehouse in Agrinio, a town in western Greece and supply with tobacco all smokers within the European boundaries. “Philip Morris plans to take 50 percent …

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Greece is ready to “fulfill its international obligations” against Assad-regime

While the countdown for an US-led operation against Syria has started, Greece reassures its NATO allies, it was ready to assist in an operation against the Assad regime. “Greece is ready to fulfill its obligations,” deputy Prime Minister Evangelos Venizelos (PASOK) told the press after a meeting with Defence Minister …

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Train driver allowed teenager daughter to drive the train

A teenager girl in shorts test driving a train? Ah, no problem! “Driving a train is” allegedly “a piece of cake”. Therefore the train driver let his daughter on the command of a train full of passengers. You know, in the art parents give private car driving lessons to their …

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Olli Rehn: Troika to evaluate Greece’s debt sustainability in September

Troika here, EU there, Schaeuble & Merkel lead the dance.  In the middle the sustainability of Greece’ debt that does not decrease despite strict austerity measures and tax tsunamis. A third ‘rescue’ package is on the way. “Greece’s international lenders will step up their assessment next month of how the …

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