Greek gov’t: reduction of special tax on heating oil out of question

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Just in case you were hoping to be able to heat your home in upcoming winter: no way! Greek Finance Ministry issued a statement dismissing media claims that the special tax imposed on heating oil in 2012 would be decreased in upcoming winter.

“There is no such issue,” the Greek FinMin statement  said on Monday.

Of course, there is no such issue. The government would not even dare to make such a proposal to the Troika especially after the failure of the Value Added Tax reduction in catering services. Less than 25% of restaurant, tavern and cafeteria owners participate in the program “lower VAT, lower prices”. The measure was meant in order to boost consumption through lowering the V.A.T from 23% down to 13% and consequently the prices.

PS best method to come through a cold winter without heating is swimming in open sea also in winter months. At least till end of December. I told you so last winter, remember?