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Daily Archives: September 3, 2013

No money for emergency property tax? “Sell your home!” says Greek Minister

ΑHA! A genius proposal  by a brilliant politician – you know, of the kind of “siblings of live-long powerful politicians”. Deputy Mercantile Marine Minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis stunned the audience of private ANT1 television when he advised families to put ads in the real estate markets and sell their property: “Those …

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Crete: Debts and no job: man shoots himself with a rifle

Debts? No job? A man saw no way out of the many problems. He took a hunting rifle and shot himself in the face. However he survived the suicide attempt even though the shot hit the jawbones. HE was transferred to a nearby hospital. According to local media reports, the …

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Troika demands the sudden death of Greece’s defense industries

No, no, no. The Troika is a tough negotiator. The representatives of Greece’s lenders rejected the government proposal about the three defense industries LARKO, EAS and ELVO.  IMF’s Thomsen and the other kids demanded that the three industries close immediately without compensation for the fired personnel and to be thoroughly …

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