Troika demands Greeks get prescribed chewing gums instead of medicine

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I was reading in the news today, that technical units of the EU Task Force, the extended hand of the Troika of Greece’s lenders, had a meeting with the political leadership of the Health Ministry.

“Emphasis was given on the pharmaceutical expenditure with the country’s lenders to push for further cuts of almost two billion euro. Aim is to increase the use of generic drugs up to 60%. etc etc”

I suppose, you can very well imagine what these upcoming €2-billion-euro cuts in drugs mean: that  doctors will be enforced to prescribe chewing gums with different flavors (strawberry, caramel, mint), while the insured patient will have to spend more and more euro to gets them.

However, my question does not refer to this ‘debt healing, patient killing’ prescription medicine the International Monetary Fund orders so that Greece can pay back the banks and the other lenders.

The sentence that caught my attention was that:

” The EU Task Force  put on the table also the issue that the profit rate for non-prescription drugs will have to be reduced for the pharmacists at 15%. The Troika is pushing for the market opening for these drugs.”

What I do not understand is mainly this:

  • why the Troika cares about the pharmacists’ profit in non-prescription medicine that does not burdens the public money?

Does the Troika want to turn Greece into an EU cheap drug market, where the producers will keep their high prices and profits but the sellers will reduce their profit?

  • does the Troika eye to get some commission?

Is the Troika’s interest based in some simple mathematical formula that my very limited brain cells are unable to understand?

Has anyone ever read anything about the Troikans – particularly those of IMF – enforcing so-called ‘structural reforms’ while at the same time they promotes certain interests of certain lobbies?

PS I think that would be a great story, worth of investigation