Greek FinMin to expose on internet businesses holding back V.A.T.

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Greek finance ministry threatens to expose businessmen who do not return to the state the collected Value Added Tax. Media report on Thursday, that the ministry will upload name and tax number on V.A.T. evaders on internet and expose their tax evading mentality to the public. Furthermore, the ministry will not accept the invoices issued by these businesses.

Media report that the private sector owes to the state 13,463 billion euro in Value Added Tax.

Many  – especially small businesses – do not give the V.A.T. and hold it back in order to cover running costs like rent, utilities, wages for employees.

Expose the tax evaders? Daily Eleftherotypia has a very …’exposive’ story today:

“Ministries and other state institutions keep in their drawers 1.4 billion euro in cash that they received in order to pay arrears to private sector.”

PS You think, anyone would care if exposed for not giving the V.A.T. to the state?