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Daily Archives: September 6, 2013

Finally Greek success story: Recession shrank thanks to tourists

There it is! Success and development. And growth. Everything goes upwards and I really do not understand why Greeks still complain about austerity, income shrinking and a non-stop misery. Recession shrank in the second quarter and thus due to several millions of tourists that picked up Greece for their summer …

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Allround talent: Greek health minister in mission impossible

Greece’s health minister in Samaras government is Adonis Georgiadis. He is determined to restructure the collapsed Greek health care system, the hospital services, the prescription drugs, the distribution of gaze and syringe, the disposition of doctors and personnel. He is nervous and active. He jumps in closed-doors meeting, make controls …

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Greek Olympic Games winners to lose jobs at public sector

You had won an Olympic medal? You had honored your country with exceptional athletic performance and your country had honored you with a job in the public sector? these times are gone. No, you are no different and no better than the other civil servants. In the country of loan …

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