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Daily Archives: September 10, 2013

Symi: man suffers heart attack, faints in front of closed health centre due to personnel shortage

A man is being found unconscious in front of the closed doors of health centre in the remote island of Symi, near the borders with Turkey. The man, a shop-owner,  had reportedly underwent a control by the financial crimes units (SDOE).  After the control. he fell uneasy and went to …

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Labor Ministry to register …quicksand movements in Greece’s private sector

What’s the purpose of this waste of money and time? And thus in a labor market environment that moves with a speed of quicksand responding even to the touch of a light tree leaf? Greek Labor Ministry wants to register all employees across the country. You know all these workers for …

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Volos: homeless family, 5 kids camp outside tax office

Father unemployed suffering from heart disease. Mother without job. Five children – one of them still a baby. Apparently without a home. Seeking a way out of their misery and the deadlock. Giorgos Fitsiados took his wife Eleni, their five kids, packed his belongings, a tent and settled outside the tax …

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Retired Greek MPs & MEPs cost taxpayers €1.5 million per month

It’s not a secret that members of the Parliament, whether national or European, have a good time. Good salaries, benefits and juicy pensions. Even if they served “country and the public interest” for only two legislative periods. that is a maximum of 8 years. Of course, MPs and MEPs are …

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