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Daily Archives: September 13, 2013

Greek civil servants enjoy extra 6-day paid leave for using computers at work

We certainly all feel with the plight of Greek civil servants and the cuts they have been exposed to due to Troika austerity. Their already hard working life spiced with benefits, allowances, part-time work but full-time payments and all possible kinds of benefits a union-government alliance could think of is getting even harder. …

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Suspected Golden Dawn supporters attack supporters of Communist KKE

Nine people were taken to the hospital after a group of suspected ultra-right Golden Dawn supporters attacked members of the Communist Party (KKE) as they were putting up posters in Perama, near Piraeus, late on Thursday. According to Greek media, the incident occurred around midnight when a group of some 50 people …

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Ex ECB official: “Merkel toyed with the idea of Grexit but she was convinced otherwise” by the Chinese?

“German Chancellor Angela Merkel toyed with the idea of forcing Greece out of the euro until the autumn of 2012.” These claims are raised by Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, until recently one of the six-man executive council  at the European Central Bank and for many years Italy’s man in Frankfurt” In …

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Troika arrives in Athens on a Friday the 13th

Just kidding! The technical delegates of Greece’s lenders arrived in Athens on Thursday. But took position in several ministries today. They will start reviewing the execution and progress of the Greek fiscal adjustment program. Their aim is to check whether Greece has applied and implemented the lenders’ demands so that …

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