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Daily Archives: September 17, 2013

Athens: Shop owner kicks accordion playing Roma girl

A moment of unprecedented racism right under the glory of the Acropolis. At Dionysioy Aeropagitoy Street. A street full of tourists, street vendors and musicians. A young Roma girl is playing the accordion. She must be six or seven years old. Tourists pass by and drop half a euro or …

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Six Greek-Americans in Forbes 400 billionaires’ list

Here! There are indeed billionaires with Greek blood flowing in their veins. But they are not here in Greece. They are in the U.S.A. Six Greek-Americans are among America’s richest people, according to the 2013 Forbes 400 list released on September 16. All of them are self-made and their net …

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Greek PM Samaras: Greece will recover by 2019

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has said the debt-ridden country could return to pre-crisis living standards within six years. “According to most [experts], we will not need a couple of decades, not a couple of generations, but only six years,” he said in a speech. He was speaking in Rome …

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