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Survey: One in Three Greeks believes in “Chemtrails”

As if we had no other serious problems a public opinion survey has been conducted on whether Greeks believe in the conspiracy scenario of chemtrails. That some dark figures load airplanes with chemical or biological agents to make us “obedient” or whatever evil plans they have in their mind.

In the public survey published by Sunday edition of Ethnos daily

33.3% of the Greeks believe “we get sprayed”, 58.4% believe “we don’t get sprayed” and just 9% declares “not know/not answer”.

Interesting in the survey is also to see the voters of which political party are more exposed to conspiracy theories. It’s the left-wing SYRIZA that tops the list with 19.2%!

One in three Greek believes that they are being sprayed by chemical or biological agents from a high altitude, according to a new opinion poll.

The Metron Analysis survey for the Sunday edition of Ethnos newspaper suggested that 33.3 percent of respondents believe in the so-called “chemtrails”.

The issue has been a favorite topic of anti-bailout Independent Greeks, forcing the Greek air force to issue a statement last year insisting that no such spraying was taking place.

However the poll indicates that only 6.1 percent of those who believe in chemtrails support the right-wing party led by Panos Kammenos. In contrast, 19.2 percent back SYRIZA, 15.3 percent Golden Dawn and 10.6 percent New Democracy.

Questions about the trails left in the sky have persisted since the 1990s, mainly in the USA. Authorities have responded to a variety of theories by insisting that the vapor trails are merely condensation left behind by airplanes. (ekathimerini)

Given the results of this survey, KTG understands that 58.4% of Greeks have already developed anti-body agents against the deadly spray weapons, while 33.3% were fully exposed and fully unprotected. 9% must be some lonely figures staying all day long in dark holes. They are those who will survive unharmed the spray doomsday.

PS I still wonder, how the pilots, their families, the dark evil minds that give the orders and the super master minds of the spraying protect themselves.

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