Greek Parliament votes in favor of lifting immunity of 6 Golden Dawn MPs

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With overwhelming majority the Greek Parliament voted in favor of lifting the parliamentary immunity of six MPs of extreme-right Golden Dawn party: MPs Ilias Panagiotaros, Ilias Kassidiaris, Chrysovalantis Alexopoulos, Giorgos Germanis, Eystathios Mpoukouras and Panayiotis Iliopoulos.

The voting took place after prosecution request for offenses involving integration and directing a criminal organization (MPs Boukouras, Germenis, Iliopoulos) while the other three deputies (Panagiotaros, Kassidiaris, Alexopoulos) face offenses for several incidents like outside “Chytyrion” theater last winter.

The Golden Dawn MPs spoke of  “a plot” against the party and “overthrowing of the Constitution.”

The voting was nominal. An average of 245 MPs voted in favor of lifting the immunity of each of the GD MPs. Greek parliament has 300 seats.