Health Minister admits: health care access for all? Not in Greece…

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In a unprecedented official confession Greek health minister Adonis Georgiadis admitted that the national health care system is not for all to have access to and that the privatization of the public health care is not away.

According to health care news, when asked when the National health care system EOPYY is going to operate public pharmacies in order to distribute free medicine to the uninsured and the needy as he had recently announced, the minister answered:

“It’s time for the state to reduce its structures not to increase them.”

He also admitted that “we cannot guarantee the access of all citizens to health care system as would like.”

PS of course the question is here: if Greeks die out who will come up for the taxes so that Greece can pay back its loans? Then not all patients are pensioners, so that the Troika-system would be happy to get rid of them. Has the Greek Health ministry took this factor into consideration?