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KTG had its server “moment”… had its server “moment” that lasted four days, November 25-28 2013. After a day of total outage, visitors could read the page, by the administrator had no access. We covered the news of the day through our alternative channel, and you can see our posts here.

Please, keep in mind that we always use this alternative option for posting, when our is down or experiences severe technical problems that last more than 12 hours.

The problem had two causes: the server updated us on its own initiative, with a fatal result. OK, KTG has a big volume of files, a big volume of visitors and an outdated template. The third cause is that we cannot afford a server subscription of let’s say 99$ per month for web hosting. In fact we cannot afford even a 50$/m  subscription. That’s logical, in times of deep economic crisis of Greece in general and of KTG administrator in particular.

Yes, regular reporting is expensive and we keep facing this problem every once in a while.

Keep in mind!

if is down/not working properly etc switch to

KTG has quite a bunch of ideas  to upgrade, to overhaul and even revamp, what new services to offer etc etc. But…. money is short…

PS and no sponsor/s have got in touch with us so far….






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  1. There are other alternatives….
    60% off today, Black Friday. Even the most expensive packet is $5.98/month if you pay monthly.I have had the baby plan for years, I think that should be ok for what you do as well. $3.98/month if you pay monthly. But these prices are only for today!

  2. we have a more expensive package and thus with the same server.