UPD Naousa: parents of school children reject heating-oil donation by George Soros

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Are Greeks crazy? Most probably. There could be no other logical explanation, when parents reject a heating oil donation and take the risk that school radiators remain cold. OK, political motivation and other interests in the area cannot be excluded in this case, and we are very far away to know exactly what’s going on there. The issue is that parents of school kids in Naousa rejected the donation of 20 tones of heating oil by tycoon George Soros and his philanthropic organization.

The donation was asked by the mayor of Naousa who foresaw that the children of the municipality were going to freeze this winter due to cash shortages that would lead to icy-cold schools in Naousa, in Northern Greece. Prompt was the reply from¬† Soros’ Open Society Institute that offered to donate the heating oil.

But the parents’ association decided in a vote to reject the generous donation. “It is the state that has to cover the needs of our children,” the parents’ association informed the city council expressing also suspicion about Soros’ …motivation. “Who knows what he will ask in return,” the parents claimed.

“First we have a reasonable suspicion about the reasons as to why the philanthropist tycoon suddenly thought about the problem of schools in Naoussa . We are not convinced that the offer is unconditional . We are confident that Soros expects something in return for this donations and we do not want our children to get involved in such a game,” the president of Parents’ Association of Naousa told daily “Macedonia”.

PAoN president Manolis Galitis told private Skai TV that the parents’ associations in Greece do not want sponsors at the schools and that the donation of Soros was just 9 tones and not 20. “Soros does not have a good reputation here in Macedonia, anyway,” Galitis stressed.

Greek Interior Ministry has approved an amount for heating oil for schools, “Naousa received just 66,000 euro. That’s nothing,” Galitis stressed to Skai TV.

Until the parents solve their problems with George Soros,  radiators in 54 schools in Naousa will most probably remain cold amid freezing temperatures.

UPDATE: It seems that the community of Naousa rejected Soros’ offer due to his “Skopje-friendly” attitude.

“Soros has been even accused as financier of anti-Greek propaganda of FYROM.

[Here is to note that Greece and FYROM have been struggling for more than two decades of the name Macedonia with Skopje claiming Macedonia to be theirs and Alexander the Great too.]

In March 2013, George Soros offered 90 tonnes of heating oil to the institutions of Thessaloniki and 40 tonnes to the municipality of Athens. (ProtoThema)


PS What could George Soros ask in return for supplying schools with heating oil? I have no idea. But I would distribute the donation to some families in my area, families that try to survive the winter without heating. And furthermore, I would also use some of the money to pay the debts of low incomers and pensioners.

George Soros should only contact me. And we can talk about what he will ask in return later.